Blown away..

So I wanted to finish this project last week. 
but I was a little bit unlucky.. again.. I wanted to montage thursday and friday.. but I didn't.. That is because the trains didn't drove normal because of the weather.. So thursday I montaged for two hours.. then it looked better for me to go home while the weather was getting crazy.. But I was too late: the trains stopped driving.. I couldn't go home and I had to sleep at a friends house in Zwolle (I live in Groningen).. I didn't feel to go to school the next day (my clothes were dirty and wet, I really wanted a shower, I was getting sick, etc.).. 
I'll hope this week will be normal.. without pushing the wrong buttons and without the crazy weather.. 
I will finish it this week (I know, I sad this before twice.. but now for sure!!)

Almost finished!

I montaged the first item (again) and made a start with the last one on monday. This week I will finish the montage.. That means that I shall hand in the products on friday. 

Oh oh..

So last friday I started with the montage.. I worked at school the whole day. In the evening I perhaps deleted the work I've done that day.. I couldn't get it back... I probally clicked on the wrong button. That means that I have to start the montage all over again. Monday I am going to work on it the whole day (8.30am till 22.00pm) again and I will think twice before clicking on a button. I think I need more than one day to montage. I guess I will finish the items before the end of the week.. that depends on the possibility to use a montageroom..

The finishing touch

So last week I had an interview with Hill McGivern. It went very well.. During the interview we talked english. The sound and images are good! Not like the first item (that one is really dark, I forgot to bring a lamp). The information I have got from her is more usefull then I thought before.
Today I will montage the first item and maybe a bit of the second one.
At monday I will also montage the whole day.
For creative writing I have to finish this items at least monday at 22.00 pm. But I don't know when we have to finish it for English...

read further for the voice-over for item one (in dutch)
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Interviewee item 3

I have made an appointment with Hilly McGivern. She is a volunteer at  sabn  (stichting anorexia boulima en nervosa). I talked to her on the phone and mailed the questions. Soon I will put them here in the item sheet. Next theusday I will meet her to do the interview.
In the end of this week I will interview people on the street to get a variety (or not) of opions.

Montage + voice-over

About two weeks ago I learned how to montage at school. I have made a reservation for 2 whole days of montage at school. That is in the last week before deadline.
That means that I have to make everything ready before the holiday is over. I have got the material for item 1 and almost everything for item 3 (item 2 is not for english).
The things I have to do:
- Interview item 3
- Voxpop item 3
- A few shots (will take about 1 hour)
- For both items: finish voice-over tekst

Item 3

I am trying to get an interview with an english speaking person for the third item. I've called and mailed this morning to several institutions. Now I am having contact with the sabn (stichting voor anoraxia en boulimia nervosa). Miss Spanjers is searching for a person who speaks english and wants to take the interview with me. It sounded like she could manage this for me. Now I have to wait for an answer. I hope she will find someone..

Changes in the working plan

I have decided to change the last two products. First I wanted to make 2 items for tv and 2 items for radio. Instead of that I am planning to do 3 items for tv. That means that the first items stay the same. Only the last two (radio) items will change into a tv-item.
The reason why I do this, is that I want to learn more about filming and montage. I think I will learn more from making an item for tv than making an item for radio, since I did that many times before.
To be clear: The 1st en 3th item are gonna be for Amerikanistiek. 


I've planned today to montage item 1, but I've got a cold. So my voice is not normal at the moment. I speak trough my noise. That is why I couldn't do the voice-over tekst and also couldn't montage this item.
This I am going to do next week. That means that I have a delay of one week, but I scheduled one week for problems like this. So it is not a huge problem.

Sound of the interview

What a relief.. the sound is recorded!
But the lightning is not as good as I exepted.. The interview and shots are a bit dark, but I can use them..
I also found out that I need more shots..
Now I have written down the quotes I can make the voice-over.. After that I can decide which shots I need..


I went to to libary and I have found some books.
It is about five hunderd pages in English.
This week I will look in another libary and at school.

B. Kruijsen, Barbie: historische opstellen over een droomvrouw (Amsterdam 2004)
H. Winkelman, Hier is Barbie en de rest van de Mattel-familie (Amsterdam 2003)
J. Fennick, Identifying Barbie Dolls: the new compact study guide and identifier
(Londen 1998)
S. Korbeck, The best of Barbie: four decades of America’s favourite doll (Iola 2001)

K. Honeff, Pop-Art (Bonn 2004)
R. Handler, Dream doll: The Ruth Handler story (Hamford 1994)

H. Kiekebosch, Reader: Nieuws voor Radio en TV (Zwolle 2005)
F. Wildschut, Red tag project  (Grafeno bv 2004)
W. Stover, Installations (USP Printers 2002)



I am getting along with the first product:
About two weeks ago I took an interview with Margreet Bulthuis.
The interview itself was not the problem, cause it went very well and I've got a lot of information from her.
But it was the first time that I had to control the camera myself. Besides that I had take the interview at the same time. Ofcourse all kinds of things went wrong, like not locking the camera on it's statief (?) so it moved for a while. But I've got solutions for all the problems, like covering parts with shots.
The interview is in Dutch, beacause she didn't want to speak English. The interview for product 2 shall be in English.
The only thing I am worried about right now is if the camera recorded the sound, cause on my way back I couldn't find it. Tonight I am going to check this.. I hope it didn't went wrong.. I don't feel like travelling a whole day (7 till 7) with those heavy things again.
If it is ok I will write the quotes down, so I can finish the voice-over text. I am going to montage on friday.. first I will get some instructions.
Cross your fingers!



1. (engels/ kunstgeschiedenis)
- Soort: Tv-item
- Onderwerp: De kunstenares Margreet Bulthuis.
- Geïnterviewde: Margreet Bulthuis
- Bijzonderheden: Nederlands gesproken.
- Muziek: Gone Going - Black Eyed Peas.
Feel the same way I do - Destiny’s Child.
- Medium: Mtv
- Lengte: +/- 10 minuten

2. (kunstgeschiedenis)
- Soort: Tv-item
- Onderwerp: Pornografische weergave van Barbie in de Kunztgang
- Geïnterviewde: Paul Oud, mensen op straat
- Bijzonderheden: Foxpop
- Muziek: My Humps - Black Eyed Peas.
Bad Girl - Usher.
Bootylicious - Destiny’s Child.
- Medium:
- Lengte: +/- 10 minuten

3. (kunstgeschiedenis)
- Soort: Radio-item
- Onderwerp: Wat is de invloed van B. geweest op de mode in de 20e eeuw?
- Geïnterviewde: ???
- Bijzonderheden: Inleiding met muziek, achtergrondmuziek
- Medium: Radio 538
- Lengte: +/- 10 minuten

4. (engels)
- Soort: Radio-item
- Onderwerp: Zelfbeeld van meisjes en vrouwen door B.
- Geïnterviewde: Psycholoog/ deskundige
- Bijzonderheden: Engels gesproken, artikel: Vetzucht grijpt ook Barbie
- Muziek: Aqua - Barbiegirl.
- Medium: Juice FM
- Lengte: +/- 10 minuten

(Lees verder voor het uitgebreide plan, plan de Wolff, tijdschema, bronnen)

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New weblog


I've decided to start a new weblog since I've changed the subject.
I chose a new subject cause I have to make products for Art History also. The new subject is Barbie. I can use this subject for both.

On the next log you can find a working plan. Here you will find the products I will make the next seven weeks. I want to make two products related to this subject.